CoronaVirus (COVID-19)

CrossPoint Baptist Church has reopened doors for face-to-face worship services meanwhile allowing you practice social distancing. We are also streaming the sanctuary service to the downstairs fellowship hall. We are also offering two services to give you more opportunity to spread out the groups of people desiring to attend: 8:00 am and 11:00 am.

We believe, as God's children, we were made for community and are loving to be back in closer community with each other and the fellowship that goes with it but if you not comfortable yet to engage socially, we understand. We encourage you to "go to church" online Sunday mornings during our 11:00 am service. Visit our website, click on the 'Messages' tab and follow the prompts to live stream. You will be able to engage individually or as a family with the worship and preaching. Through the stream you will also have the opportunity to chat with others as well as seek prayer from our hosts/hostesses watching the service with you.

Lastly, if you are wondering about your tithes/offerings during this time, we are set up to receive online gifts on the 'GIVE' tab above or you can mail in your gift (1101 Big Horn Ave) or you can drop it off to the office during office hours (Mon.-Thur. @ 9a-3p)

*** Church FAQs ***

What adjustments will you make to the Lord's Supper and baptisms? 

• For the immediate future we will not be conducting baptisms or the Lord's Supper. When we do take the Lord's Supper again it will most likely be an ordinance where in the individuals would serve themselves instead of passing the elements down the aisles like we have in the past. 

Is a physical “pass the plate" offering a thing of the past? 

• Moving forward ushers should not "pass the plate" any longer. Ushers should be stationed near the exits with plates in hand and then each individual can drop their offering and bulletin slip into the offering plate.

• While the offering is being counted it would be a good practice if the counters wore gloves then disposed of the gloves at the end of each counting session. 

What are you doing now to sanitize and sterilize your church building? 

• The church custodian has already disinfected the church building, paying special attention to the nursery. 

Are you going to continue hosting special events such as weddings and funeral in the future? 

• Yes 

Are you continuing to provide coffee stations on campus? 

• No, coffee station will be halted for at least a few weeks. 

Will you continue offering virtual online worship? 

• We are going to continue to stream our worship service live. In fact, our plans are to strengthen our online presence moving forward. We will be streaming live and have the capability to chat live with those that are watching our worship service. We will be able to take prayer requests, and hopefully be able to share the Gospel directly with individuals that wants to hear it. We will have a greater capability to follow up with people that have made a profession of faith, and hopefully be able to disciple those that are not living within our immediate area. We are also making plans to continue online small groups to disciple those individuals or to continue to minister to people that do not yet feel comfortable attending a small group in person. 

Is this the time to suspend or end your church's "meet and greet" time? 

• Yes, the meet and greet time at the beginning of Sunday morning worship service will be suspended for the foreseeable future. 

Will volunteer positions emerge from COVID-19? 

• Yes, because of our increase online presence we will need new volunteers to minister to those that are watching and responding online. 

What are you going to do if physical distancing fails and we see a flareup of COVID-19? 

• We will continue to follow the recommended guidelines that are given to us by our state and county health officials. 

When the church returns to the building, will people be asked to wear face masks? 

• We are not asking individuals to wear masks, but if they would like to wear a mask they are welcome to do so. 

What if individuals do not feel comfortable to attend an in person service at this time? 

• If someone does not yet feel comfortable to come to service then we would encourage them not to attend at this time, and wait until they do feel comfortable. We love them and we do not want them to do anything they do not feel comfortable doing. Our service will continue to be streamed on line and we would welcome them to continue to participate with our online services until the time when they feel comfortable attending in person. 

What is going on besides COVID-19? 

• CrossPoint is reaching more people today with the Gospel than were being reached prior to any social distancing guidelines put in place. The number of individuals attending online combined with our face-to-face crowd is higher today than it's ever been before. We need to continue to reach unbelievers with the Gospel in ways that we were not doing so in the past. As new opportunities to present the Gospel arise, we need to take advantage of those opportunities and do everything we can to lift the name of Jesus on high.